Are U Really Alive stands for AURA.
Background on what the name stands for
People who have more energy naturally feel more alive than those who have less energy. People who start adding ‘living’ food in their diet have found they have significantly more energy, therefore they feel more alive and are happier.

Why might this be?
Research shows there is an invisible but measurable ‘energy’ field that surrounds all living things This invisible ‘energy’ field, which surrounds all living things, appears to be larger on people who have more energy for life and who are healthier. Some people have called this energy field an AURA.

This energy field or AURA is detectable by a specialised camera invented in Russia by Dr Kirlian 30 years
ago which has been further developed by Dr Konstantin Korotkov President of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography, Deputy Director of St Petersburg Research Institute of Sport and St Petersburg State Technical University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics
and Optics.

Living plants have been found to have more of this energy field when they are alive as opposed to the same plant that has been cooked. By ingesting ‘living’ and therefore uncooked food, which has a measurably pronounced invisible ‘energy’ field, will enhance the invisible energy field of the person eating it. This is measurable on a Kirlian Camera such as Dr Korotkov’s GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) camera. At the same time the person usually feels they have more energy available to them.

When our AURA is glowing we feel more alive and energetic.

Nadia Brydon, founder of Aura runs seminars, workshops and evening Tutorials on how to incorporate living foods in the diet. She teaches in a very practical way Naturopathic lifestyle, detoxification with herbs, juices, sprouts, raw and living foods and teaches how and why it is so important to increase our AURA! So we have more ENERGY and HEALTH and feel more ALIVE! To contact Nadia Brydon for a one to one consultation or simply find out more or book on to the next seminar telephone 07860 659537
Bio of Nadia Brydon

Nadia Brydon MNIMH. Dip Phyt. MRCHM. Dip Ac. MAR. MBRCP, HMA (Student Member) has been involved in Complementary and Alternative Medicine for over 20 years. She currently runs a private Herbal Medicine and natural health practice offering one to one consultations in London. In addition she runs classes, one day seminars and evening tutorials on detoxification, juicing, sprouting, raw food prep demos and how to live a healthy life. Over the years she has been quoted in the media, most recently in Metro and live on New Style Radio and BBC Southern Counties Radio.

For the last 4 years Nadia has worked part time as Senior Therapist for The London Haven. The London Haven is a Charity offering free support, education and Complementary Therapies to anyone affected by breast cancer.

Nadia has qualifications in Western Herbal Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Bowen Therapy, Iridology, Vodder Lymph Drainage Massage, sports injuries and Ayurvedic Massage Therapy. She is presently completing her training in Homeopathy. In addition she qualified in Florida as an Hippocrates Health Educator and in California as an Associate Raw and Living Food Chef and Instructor. She is presently undertaking a part time MSc at Westminster University in Advanced Professional Practice.

She is a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Association of Reflexologists, British Register of Complementary Practitioners and a Student Member of the Homeopathic Medical Association.

She has travelled, lived or studied in over 40 countries world wide in search of the definitive answer to the nature of disease and most importantly the nature of Health. This search has led her to study many different philosophies and disciplines of medicine from conventional to natural and traditional medicine throughout the world. Most significantly to the USA, Russia, China, Mexico, Sri Lanka, The Maldive Islands and Egypt.

Nadia had her own full time practice in Devon for 10 years up to January 2004 and during that time was a regular speaker on Herbal Medicine for many groups and organisations in the West Country. She has lectured at both Westminster and Middlesex Universities and was one of the principal lecturers for 4 years on the Herbal Medicine pathway at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and Dublin. In September 2005 she lectured in Sri Lanka to many hundreds of doctors and students at The Ayurvedic Research Institute, University of Wayamba and University of Kelaniya in Colombo.

In August 2005 Nadia went to Sri Lanka for 4 weeks as part of a 26 member Acupuncture team, called Acupuncture sans Frontieres treating the Tsunami victims in 4 camps in the South of the country where it was so badly hit by the wave on 26th December. Along with the other members of the team Nadia treated many thousands of people over 3 weeks with Acupuncture and Homeopathy.

Nadia feels her medical heritage is very significant to her own calling as a natural health practitioner. She comes from a long line of doctors in Russia, the most notable of whom was her great grand father who was for many years Physician to the Empress and presided as Physician at the birth of the last Tsar, Tsar Nicholas. In the 17th century on her English side, one of her ancestors was a leading herbalist who wrote a book on Herbal Medicine. Still others were well known plantsmen, famous for their gardens throughout the UK.

Nadia has boundless energy, dedication and passion for showing people how to find more peace, sunshine and joy in their lives by teaching how to live in closer harmony with nature. She specializes in Naturopathic techniques such as detoxification with herbs and raw and living foods and teaches how and why ultimately NATURE IS OUR GREATEST HEALER AND TEACHER.

Diplomas and certificates held in natural medicine
Diploma in Massage from the International Therapy Examination Council,
UK 1991(1 year part time course)
Certificate in Iridology from the College of Ophthamic Somatology (Ravi Poniah),
London , UK 1992 (3 year part time course)
Diploma in Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine) from School of Herbal Medicine,
East Sussex, England in 1993 (4 years full time)
Certificate to level 1 for Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder Method),
Eastbourne, UK 1993 (5 day course)
Certificate in Precision Reflexology from the Prue Hughes School of Reflexology,
Devon, England 199 (1 year part time course)
Diploma in Aromatherapy from the International Therapy Examination Council,
UK 1996 (1 year part time course)
Diploma in Sports Therapy from The International Therapy Examination Council,
UK 1996 (1 year part time course)
Certificate in Gynaecology in Chinese Medicine from the Renshu College of Chinese Medicine,
London England 1997 (6 days)
Certificate for Bowen Therapy from the Stuart Rappaport School of Bowen Therapy,
Devon, UK 1997 (5 day course)
Certificate, Part 1 and Part 2 Kinesiology (Touch for Health) with Maggie LaTourelle,
London, UK 1997 (6 months part time)
Diploma of Acupuncture from The South West College of Oriental Medicine,
Bristol, England in 1998 (3 year part time course)
Certificate in Chinese Patent Herbal Medicine from the Renshu College of Chinese Medicine,
London, UK, 1998 (6 day course)
Certificate in Applied Clinical Acupuncture from the Shanghai Seamens Hospital in 1998 from Shanghai, China (4 weeks)
Certificate in First Aid from St John’s Ambulance in 1998,
Bristol, England (3 day course)
Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine from the London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, London, UK (2 year part time course post grad for Acupuncturists) in 1999.
Certificate as an Hippocrates Health Educator from the Hippocrates Institute
Florida May 2004
Certificate as a Raw and Living Food Chef and Instructor from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute,
California June ‘04
One to one consultations for Western Herbal Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine are available with Nadia Brydon in Pimlico. The Initial consultation is 1 1/2 hours. All follow ups are 40 minutes.
A first consultation is £100 and all follow ups are £50 Herbal prescriptions and detox kits are extra.

Acupuncture treatments are available at £70 per hour

Raw and living food one on one teaching
One to one practical teaching rates are £100 per hour available at my practice or in your own home with an extra charge for travel. A 3 hour teaching intensive at my practice is charged at a discounted rate of £280.

Evening classes (Dates for upcoming classes will be added soon)
The cost per evening per person is £15 except those evenings which include food demos which are £25 per person. They run from 7-9.30 for 10 weeks on a Monday evening. Current term dates will be added soon.

The term can be taken as a complete course or as one off stand alone evenings. The evenings are for sharing support, teaching, education and discussion. They cover sprouting, nut milks, juicing, enemas, detoxification, theory of living food and fasting, oxygen, minerals, enzymes and acid/alkaline balance, food prep, dehydrating crackers and granolas, wheatgrass, nori rolls, soups, puddings, sauces, salads, pasta, pizza and last night of each series is party night!

One day seminars (Dates for upcoming events will be added soon)
These seminars cover the Hippocrates lifestyle, growing sprouts, enemas, fasting, juicing, theory, detox, hot and cold showers, skin brushing, enzymes, acid/alkaline, oxygen, minerals, elimination/assimilation, basic food prep. Raw lunch and juices are made under instruction by the group.

Cost per seminar £125

Raw and living food prep demos (Dates for upcoming events will be added soon)
4 hour classes on raw and living food preparation. 11am until 3pm. These classes are on a theme. Dehydrating, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, gourmet style meals etc.

Cost per class: £50

Demo on raw comfort foods
Breads, crackers, granolas and biscuits.4 hour class. This is a dehydrating class.

Cost per class £50

Demo on puddings, flans and cakes (Dates for future classes will be added soon)
4 hour class. Covers raw chocolate mouse, blueberry pie, banana ice cream with raw chocolate sauce, chocolate cake, tarts and flans. (all raw! With no eggs or dairy! Low in cholesterol and to LIVE for!!)

Cost per class: £50

Classes on how, when and why detox
4 hour class. These classes cover when is the best time to detox, who should and should not detox, what foods to use during a detox, how to use an enema kit, juicing and wheatgrass, what healing reactions to expect and why and what to do about them. What is a healing reaction. Which and whose detox kit to buy.

Cost per class £50

Demo on veggie juicing and nut milks (Dates for future classes will be added soon)
2 hour classes.. These classes cover how to combine veggies and culinary herbs for specific health challenges. The medicinal quality of each veg and herb. Which veggies to use and why. How to include sprouts and algaes in juices. How to make a raw green soup. Which nuts to use for milks and how to make and store them.

Cost per class: £25

Demo on sprouting and wheatgrass (Dates for future classes will be added soon)
2 hour class. These classes cover which sprouts to grow and why, how to grow sprouts hydroponically in trays, plastic bags, jars and in sprouters as well as how to grow in trays using earth for wheatgrass, sunflowers etc. Where to buy the seeds and kit.

Cost per class: £25
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